“A 21st Century Marie Antoinette”

Thank you, Keith Olbermann, for reminding the nation of what this administration has tried so hard to make us forget: that the buck stops with them.


(thanks [info]josienutter)

That is the black, poison heart of my disgust with George W Bush, his administration, and his kind: their unwillingness to ever admit fault. Cowards bask in the glory of their achievements, and find others to blame for their failures. Honorable men understand that with success comes failure, and accept their role in either with measured response.

The halls of government in Washington are infested with cowards, even at the desk of the Oval Office.

I don’t give a damn if our next president is republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, or anything in-between. I just pray to God that he is an honorable man, because our country has never needed one more.

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