Ape diet lowers cholesterol, turns flesh to stone

A story on the BBC site talks about a for-TV experiment where 9 limey suckers were tossed in a tent and forced to eat plants. The results?

- Avg 10lbs lost
- Blood pressure dropped about 20/10 pts
- Cholesterol down 23%

Confusingly, the article also mentions people weighing “stone,” which may indicate a fossilization side-effect of the diet.

  • American-British Dual-Citizen
    01/30/2007 03:24:30 PM

    LOL Surely you’re joking? Or have most Americans really never heard of the unit of weight (commonly used for reporting how much a person weighs in the UK) called the “stone”?

    From the built-in Mac OS X dictionary:

    stone: 4 ( pl. same) Brit. a unit of weight equal to 14 pounds (6.35 kg) : I weighed 10 stone.

  • Ed
    01/31/2007 02:44:50 PM

    I think you’d probably run into a lot of Americans who have no idea that a “stone” is a unit of measurement, but I actually was joking. 8)