Apparently I’ve been living on Mars the past two days

How the FUCK did I miss this story?

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

Holy shit. This worries me a lot, because Macromedia makes what I strongly believe is the best design tool for web graphics, Fireworks. Fireworks isn’t hugely popular, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adobe kill it in favor of their Photoshop/ImageReady combo. IR is not bad, but isn’t at a vector-based tool like Fireworks, and that’s what makes Fireworks such a fucking great product.

There is other crossover with Macromedia tools I like, but the main other one I use, Dreamweaver, is the best of breed in its category, and Adobe would be unlikely to trash it. Freehand is actually a very underrated tool, but I usually end up using Adobe’s Illustrator, if only because I know that stuff done in Illustrator will work fine at the printer (and also because Macromedia has basically abandoned it).

Jesus. This is BIG NEWS. I am really anxious to hear any more about what’s planned.

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