Artists you need to know (vol 1)

Jared Louche from Chemlab has been dropping some really cool artists in his journal, and I wanted to share them here to spread the virus and whatnot.

Bob Nixon

A dirty, deadly, gorgeous mash of shlock horror, hot rods, pin-ups and two-color grime, Bob Nixon’s design work is sure to please punk, rockabilly, and horror culture fans alike.

Bob Nixon - Zombie Rock - The 13th Victim Bob Nixon - Crud & Mushroomhead v2


I’ve had Deathany Shorb/Toybreaker on my Flickr contacts for a while, because she has some really great pics of run-down houses and industrial wastelands, but she also makes AMAZING ties:

CyberOptix - Screw

If I ever wore ties, I’d wear hers!