Atari 800 XE laptop

Oh hell yes:

After building my very first portable,-the Atari 2600 VCSp, back in 2000 (ever notice how awkward of a year that is to say?) I had a couple of “dream projects” to follow it up with. One was a Nintendo portable, which strangely took 4 years to manifest itself. The other was something I consider impossible at the time - an Atari 800 computer laptop. My ultimate dream portable!

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  • Laptops
    09/14/2008 09:46:26 PM

    How did the Nintendo portable turn out??

  • computeReye
    09/28/2008 01:21:11 AM

    There had been videogame systems before the Atari 2600, but the 2600 was the system that appealed to the most people and had the best selection of games. Kinda like how computers and the internet didn’t take off big-time until Windows 95 came out. (and you anti-Microsoft people know it’s true) However, Atari wasn’t a HUGE hit right off the bat. In fact, some say that it would have died a quick death had it not been for a technical anomaly in the system