(14:11:05) Mike: So I’m watching Dancing with the Stars the other day…
(14:11:56) funkatronwork: right
(14:12:08) funkatronwork: btw, they just pulled two bats out of the wall in my office
(14:13:30) Mike: WTF?????!!!!!
(14:14:31) funkatronwork: I didn’t know what the noise was. finally I pulled back this piece of metal by the window. a goddamn bat was in there
(14:14:43) funkatronwork: so we call pest control
(14:14:51) funkatronwork: guy comes in with big leather gloves
(14:14:58) Mike: did you shit your pants?
(14:14:59) funkatronwork: pulls it back farther. two bats.
(14:15:06) funkatronwork: pretty much
(14:15:11) Mike: any pics?
(14:15:19) funkatronwork: no, I wish. couldn’t get any
(14:15:59) funkatronwork: but it was kinda scary when he had a bat in each hand. they looked angry.

  • isabel
    12/04/2006 10:36:17 PM

    Bats in your wall… dude. My head would explode.