Bees tell me how people get to my web site

I use a little service called 103bees to track keywords and questions people ask of search engines that deliver them to my site. The weekly reports are always good for a laugh: Phrases

  • put things in penis
  • shot a load to that.
  • not safe for work Questions

  • what is a wop
  • where to put penis
  • Derek Allard
    08/23/2007 04:15:00 PM

    Awesome! I know exactly how you feel. I get a lot of “F*@K top 8” (that one baffles me), and some other interesting ones recently include “ALLARD!!!”, “voodoo doll stuffed pins”, and my personal favourite, “how do I use a mouse”?

    Where do these people come from?

  • funkatron
    08/23/2007 04:48:53 PM

    I think I probably did say “I shot a load to that” in some post, but the other ones escape me.