Buy Golgo 13 on Amazon

Golgo 13I happened to notice on my entry at that there as a google ad for my album Golgo 13. I clicked on it, and I found that people were selling my album on Amazon for $25 used and $30 new.

This was stupid.

So I added my own listing. You can buy brand new, still sealed copies of Golgo 13 from me via Amazon for $6 + s/h.

If you want to hear samples, check out the COJ Myspace page.

I intend to offer digital puchases sometime soon (DRM-free, of couse). If you express interest, I’ll surely speed up the process. 8)

  • Jester
    04/18/2007 02:17:05 PM

    The irony is the album is not even posted in the catalogue. I don’t even have a copy hint hint. I just have all the demo tapes and the debut album, all of which I put up on the site myself.

  • Ed
    04/18/2007 04:11:08 PM

    Dude, yeah, drop me an email and I’ll send you a copy.

    I don’t even have copies of the really early demo tapes. I do have a couple things on DAT, but hell if I know where to get that transferred to CD or something nowadays.