Camino 0.9 alpha 1 is live!

Sucking less, on a budget: Camino 0.9 alpha 1 is live!:

We just released the first alpha version of Camino 0.9. We know it’s not perfect and we already have a bunch of fixes in the pipleline for a second alpha, but we believe it’s enough of a solid improvment over 0.8.4 that you should give it a spin and let us know what you think.

I will probably give this a shot, but the lack of extension support in Camino has always ended up sending me back to Firefox. With Safari, Firefox, Omniweb and Opera already in the market, Camino will probably always have trouble standing out if they continue to focus on “basic” features like bookmark management and duplicating functionality already in Firefox. I don’t think Aqua form widgets are cutting it anymore.

(Note that I mean no disrespect to the impressive work that Camino’s tiny dev team have done.)

  • Cobalty
    06/20/2005 09:34:04 PM

    I agree, as I said over on ArsTechnica, “It doesn’t matter what they do. Until they support firefox extensions they simply cannot compete. I personally use Adblock, Greasemonkey, Wikipedia, Bugmenot and Linky. Why the hell would I give all that up for Camino?”