Change is coming to Spaz

"Change is coming"

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m currently working on a new project that’s been taking my time away from Spaz. While most details are still under wraps, I can say now that the new project is a version of Spaz for mobile devices. Rather than a port, this is a whole new codebase that takes advantage of all the stuff I’ve learned writing Spaz for AIR.

While I will still be working hard on the mobile app for at least another month, I have been thinking a lot about where the desktop app should be going. Here’s the plan:

  • Version 0.8 will be the last version of Spaz using the current codebase. We are currently being held back by the design decisions I made, and they need to be tossed. Versions 0.9 and later will be based on a complete rewrite of the codebase. It will use an MVC-style pattern, and will be powered by the SpazCore component library. SpazCore being worked on now, and is hosted on GitHub at

  • I may switch from the AIR platform to Titanium for the new Spaz codebase. I am still weighing this decision, but I’m very interested in TI, especially after having the opportunity to meet the development team last week. They have a very strong platform, and their approach is very much in line with the “Spaz philosophy.”

  • Feature-wise, I’m targeting all1 existing features, plus:

    • multiple instances of the “main” windows (basically the current Spaz window, multiple times for multiple accounts)
    • multiple search windows with auto-updating results
    • less reliance on the web site for user and message details

Spaz should still be very suitable for average Twitter users (under 100 friends), but will also offer powerful search features for folks who need them. And of course, Spaz will still be completely open-source under a New BSD-style license.

Questions? Comments? Post them in the Google Groups thread

  1. Actually, one feature of Spaz that may see a reduction in functionality is theming. Supporting multiple themes in the main release is an enormous pain whenever I need to make an interface change. While I expect it will still be possible to override most or all of the interface with CSS, I will likely shoot for a single good theme to ship with Spaz, and leave modifications as an exercise for the motivated user. 

  • Stephen
    07/10/2009 07:03:19 AM

    I’m not sure if I’m a fan of multiple windows; that could be an option, sure, but I really haven’t found a good program to stream EVERYTHING (like FriendFeed, I suppose) from facebook, twitter, etc. onto one page with any success.

    That said, I LOVE how whitespace looks on the current version.