Close the blinds

One of my favorite things on the whole entire Webernet is the Best of Craigslist. Here’s a good example:

“The fact that you walk around naked in your apartment is fine, I guess. It’s great that you feel so comfortable with yourself and your body. The time I forgot to close my blinds, and you saw me in my underwear was fairly embarrassing, but I got over it. I can also deal with the fact you like to get into the shower and hack up half of your lung each morning because you smoke like a chimney. It’s highly annoying, but I have an ex-husband. I’m great at blocking out certain disgusting bodily functions performed by a male.

“Saturday night though, this went a little too far. I was attempting to have a nice, civilized dinner with some friends of mine, when I hear “Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD!!!” being screamed from my bedroom. It is my friend, and he is looking out of my window into your apartment.”

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