Color terminal for OS X

I’ve often been frustrated with the fact that OS X’s Terminal doesn’t by default support proper text coloring. The main issue has been with supporting syntax coloring in Nano, which I use to edit files at work when I’m at home and outside work’s firewall/behind my NAT router. I’ve gotten to the point where not having syntax coloring sends me into fits of rage, so for the sake of my family, it was important that I find a solution.

(It is true that you can change your term emu to vt100-color, but then you have to do this on all the machines you ssh to as well, which isn’t really a good idea when you’re using a shared account like I am.)

Anyway, somebody mentioned a Terminal replacement for OS X called GLterm. On a practical level, GLterm is cool because it supports ANSI color right out of the chute. On a nerd level, GLterm is cool because it uses OpenGL to display everything. It’s super fast — a lot faster than Terminal — and it feels more like a traditional UNIX terminal because it uses those old-skool fonts.

There are a couple less cool things about it. It doesn’t support transparency, which I actually sometimes find practical when I’m transcribing something from a window behind Terminal. It also costs $10, which isn’t a lot, but it feels a little pricey considering it doesn’t really offer a lot of new features. So I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m thinking about it. If you’re a bigtime CLI jockey, though, you might find this just the ticket.

  • Eli Sarver
    03/03/2003 07:24:03 AM

    I prefer iTerm, mainly because it is free+open software. <a href=””></a> is its homepage. It has decent colour support, but it is a work in progress, so YMMV, of course.