Damn you technology

[15:35] funka7ron: so I buy this great fancy Antec NeoPower 480
[15:35] funka7ron: works fine yesterday
[15:35] funka7ron: today, the computer is shut off
[15:35] funka7ron: turn it on, it shuts off after 5 secs
[15:35] funka7ron: no drive spinup, but fans come on
[15:36] funka7ron: I put back in the old Antec Smartpower 350, works fine
[15:36] funka7ron: WTF

Oh, and my Plextor 16X DVD/RW seems to have died too — it can read, but won’t write any media (and this is brand-name media from batches that it previously was perfectly fine with). I PAY EXTRA FOR GOOD SHIT SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN.


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