Dave Attell Midwest Dates

Those who “know” me “know” that I’m a big Dave Attell fan. It pleases me, therefore, that he has announced midwest tour dates for the spring:

  • April 9 Bakersfield - The Fox Theater
  • April 10 Agoura Hills - Canyon Club
  • April 15-17 Boston - Comedy Connection
  • April 18 Chicopee - Comedy Connection
  • April 22-25 New York Carolines
  • May 7-8 Indianapolis Funny Bone
  • May 11-12 St. Louis - Funny Bone
  • May 14-15 S. Bend - Funny Bone
  • June 5 Farmingdale - Dave Glickers
  • June 10-13 Miami - Miami Improv
  • June 14-16 Orlando - Orlando Improv
  • June 17-20 Tampa - Tampa Improv

Okay, so like 4 of the shows are in the midwest, but the Indy show is nearby, and I am betting “S. Bend” refers to South Bend, IN, which would mean I could take a trip back to the old stomping grounds and tear shit up.

  • jon
    05/25/2004 07:28:08 PM

    dave attel? now dave chappele is a funny cat (although crosses the line into stupidity quite a bit) . i don’t know of this attel you speak of. :D

    p.s. your comment box keeps changing sizes while i’m typing, here in my MyIE2 browser.