e - TextMate for Windows, and more

e screenshot showing PHP syntax highlighting, bundles, and integrated browser for documentation lookups e screenshot showing current scope information e screenshow showing Markdown syntax highlighting
I think I may have finally found an equivalent to TextMate that runs on Windows. “e - The Collaborative Text Editor for Windows” unabashedly duplicates numerous features from TextMate, with the full endorsement of TM creator Allan Odgaard. e ships with an extensive set of bundles converted from TM, and nearly every kind of bundle operation is supported. A few items that hook into OS X-specific technologies aren’t ported, but shell commands are handled by your Cygwin install on Windows. It works surprisingly well.

e also has what seems to be a unique feature — an integrated revision control system that enables collaborative editing and a very powerful, advanced “undo” functionality. I haven’t delved into this much, but it looks like a really cool feature.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be using a Windows box as a primary development machine, but for as long as I do, e will be my main text editor. Even in its current beta, semi-buggy state, it’s head and shoulders above anything else I’ve tried.

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