Fabulous Xbox 360 vs PS3 commentary

from http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/games/

I think you are all neiggarz. No one can predict what console will come out on top, becouse it is purelly based on consumer behavior. If anyone can nostradamus this BS, then I have a job for you finding Osama. The consumers might respond to the earlier released console, or just to the most stylish, or cheaper, or most powerful, or most hyped, or who fukn knows… get the point? One thing is true, the world is a big market enough that there is every flavor of consumer out there. And these niche markets are big enough to support all three competing consoles. Just like in the present. That’s what will probably happen, all three consoles living together having preety much the same games, and with preety much the same market shares as today. No winners, no loosers. Just big boys and smaller ones. In the future there might be market consolidation (merging between companies, probably Nintendo & MS if Sony comes on top again) to challenge the big player. In this case my friends, we all loose. Less competition = less innovations = higher prices.

I typed this in a Pocket PC so you can go f… yourself about grammar…
Posted by fanboy killa on May 18, 2005 06:28 PM.
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