Fuck these damn kids today

This shit is my new sacred text:

Jesus Christ, kids these days are such amazingly stupid little pieces of trash. It used to be that dressing up like a weirdo hipster entailed some kind of risk: you’d get called a queer at school, you’d get laughed at at the mall, and your dad would tell you to get a haircut and wipe that makeup off your face (whether you were a boy or a girl). Nowadays, hipsterism is the new normalcy, and these little sons of bitches are dressing up like ugly little bastardizations of styles worn by daring morons ten and twenty years ago.


And can you believe what these assholes are listening to? Avenged Sevenfold? My Chemical Romance? Now they’ve got plenty of this bland, diluted pap music to go along with their bland, diluted pap outfits. If your little brother or sister listens to this shit, punch him or her swiftly and directly in the nose and then take the little shit directly to the record store.

Yes, I’m old and hate everyone.

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