, or, Paul Reinheimer threatens me with physical violence

Paul Reinheimer       8:43
did you plug funcaday yet?

funka7ron       8:53
*hides* I need to get on dat

Paul Reinheimer       8:54
Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to bring a few copies of my book, see
They roll up nice and tight
I’m going to beat you with them
then shove them a few places, and light them on fire

I’m super excited about Funcaday, the brainchild of Paul Reinheimer and Courtney Wilson. What a cool concept - basically an electronic daily calendar for PHP functions.


The RSS feed delivery is just begging for little desktop apps and widgets. Ben Ramsey has already made one for the OS X dashboard.

Kudos to Paul and Courtney!

  • karen
    12/14/2007 05:46:13 PM

    Cool! This will help refresh my memory for php and help me learn new stuff. hearts

  • Article Writer
    03/29/2008 06:28:42 AM

    LOL threatening was great) thanks is there a similar source for nice PHP coding practices or smth like that? \’cause functions like hash_algos (that is now in the feed) aren\’t so necessary to know imho