Give me your money, suckers

Gopher Robbery

I have these five promo codes from Dreamhost. They expire in three days. Apparently you get super-hot deals with them, like:

  • Four times the normal disk and bandwidth
  • $150 off a 5-year plan
  • $200 off a 10-year plan

I would not sign up for 5 years with any shared host. However, I do think DH is pretty decent for small-ish sites that can work with shared hosting. I’m well aware that they’ve had a couple embarrassing public flubs in the past couple years, but I generally think they’re good folks who try to do right by their customers. Some will certainly disagree, of course. 8)

I still maintain my old account there for low-cpu, high-bandwidth/storage stuff. They do quite well with PHP hosting, and can handle Ruby and Python setups with a little effort. They’ll let you do crazy stuff like compile your own PHP if you are fine with using FastCGI, and have a nice GUI to setup SVN repos. Not many shared hosts will do the same at a similar price point.

Anyway, here are the codes. They’re first come, first serve. Yes, I make money if you sign up with one of them. I will not be hurt if you don’t use them.

  • 998942362256
  • 916860787004
  • 591140700044
  • 047271781406
  • 160643597831

Dreamhost Signup Page