God, I am SOOOOO like everyone else

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    1.~How did you meet toxik_shock? We “met” on LJ, then hung out for a couple hours when I visited Portland last year
    2.~What would you do if you had never met ruethee? I probably wouldn’t have gone to the HS I did, and I don’t wanna think about what would have happend if I hadn’t.
    3.~What do you honestly think of jadelin? She’s very smart and a bit shy and too worried about what others think.
    4.~Would or did brinkness and blixa23 go out? That would be surprising.
    5.~Have you ever liked bcj? I do like him. I’m not sure I LIKE him like him, though.
    6.~If rivetbabydoll died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? That she burned brightly and will never be forgotten.
    7.~Would tumultco and pr0t make a good couple? If they started like sausage, maybe.
    8.~Describe tharyn in 3 words: I’m gonna fuck this up because I don’t know her that well, but: introspective, intelligent, determined
    9.~Do you think monstermommy is hot? You bet.
    10.~Would rivetbabydoll and smellycoder make a lovely couple? I love you both, but hell no.
    11.~What do you think of when you see blixa23? Bauhaus
    12.~Tell me something humiliating about pr0t: He gets excited when he rolls an 18 or higher.
    13.~Do you know any of chibivesicle’s family members? No.
    14.~What’s brinkness’s favorite color? Blue?
    15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is violentfires? 9
    16.~What would you do if arricura just professed their undying love for you? I would be very flattered, but would have to remind her that she is very married and I am very committed.
    17.~What language does brinkness speak? Moon language
    18.~Who is absinthea going out with? Blixa23
    19.~Is fallonbattleax a boy or a girl? a girl
    20.~Would sugarmag9 and arricura make a good couple? No. Friends, yes.
    21.~Who do you think antisocial would be great with from this list? Possibly fallonbattleaxe. They might kill each other though.
    22.~When was the last time you talked to monstermommy? In person, several months ago at Radio Radio. I think I had a short exchange online with her about a month after that.
    23.~What is bcj’s favorite band? Fuck…
    24.~Does tumultco have any siblings? I do not know.
    25.~Would you ever date chibivesicle? It’s a non-issue because I’m already quite happy. She’s a pretty cool chick tho.
    26.~Would you ever date tharyn? It’s a non-issue because I’m already quite happy. I have a feeling she wouldn’t put up with my crap anyway.
    27.~Is antisocial single? I am not sure.
    28.~What is brinkness’s last name? Warner
    29.~What is sugarmag9’s middle name? I am so getting my ass kicked tonight.
    30~What is jadelin’s fantasy? It’s so impossible that she would ever tell me this that
    31.~Where does fallonbattleax live? Same place I live.
    32.~Would you make out with toxik_shock? I suspect she’d be more likely to kick me repeatedly in the nuts than even let me think about that.
    33.~Are ruethee and chibivesicle best friends? Pretty sure no.
    34.~Does tharyn like brinkness? Newp.
    35.~How did you meet sugarmag9? We were nest to each other in line to vote.
    36.~Is monstermommy older than you? slightly, I believe.
    37.~Is smellycoder the sexiest person alive? well, no, but she ain’t bad.

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