It really bothers me when people talk about how the place I live is objectively bad.  Not “I don’t like [place]”, but “[the place I live] is hell.”  It’s hard not to take that as a slap in my own face, because I live here by choice, and actually like it pretty well.  I’m sorry you don’t like it here, but try to be a bit more respectful of the people who do, because not all of them are the slack-jawed yokels you seem to think permeate the population.

  • Jacqui
    10/03/2006 09:37:52 AM

    Hear hear!

    People say it about everything though. Lafayette sucks. Cincinnati sucks. Fucking Chicago sucks. Schaumburg REALLY sucks. You suck. I suck. Everything sucks.

    Blah blah blah blah blah.

  • Munger
    10/09/2006 02:39:27 PM

    Do you remember how you have described the city I live in at various times. ;)

  • Ed
    10/09/2006 03:31:07 PM

    Yes, but… I’ve always made it clear that the root of it is my issue, not the city’s. And that I was joking about it smelling like barf and urine. It’s only certain places.