Henry Rollins adjusts my approach to productivity

I’m in love with a post on Visible Monsters II (via codinghorror on Twitter) about an alternate approach to GTD: GTTFD.

So the next time you feel tempted to hack your moleskine or reorganise the 43 folders that represent your life simply take out the picture of Henry looking angry and think to yourself What Would Henry Rollins Do?

The odds are he’d scream at you first, then slam your head in the wall for being a pussy, and then release the whole thing as a spoken word CD.

  • Approaching
    05/27/2008 04:19:43 PM

    sweet site, and design.

  • Amanda Abelove
    05/30/2008 10:22:23 PM

    I cracked up when I found this post on google. This is the foundation of a non-profit that I am starting for project managers to give back to the community… Because I adore Henry Rollins too!