Hey, remember the 80s?

I do, sorta. Remember Adam Curry, the blonde lanky VJ dude? He’s some kinda dot-com millionaire, and he has a blog. The blog is mildly interesting, but the best part is his collection of stories about his MTV days:

Apparently Ozzie was trying to communicate to us that his problem was larger than he could handle, and a few seconds later I looked up to see Ozzie standing spread eagle in the ilse, with a huge dark spot in his crotch area and a growing pool of urine at his feet.

Curry was a fairly forward-thinkin dude back in the day. I remember the tussle he had with MTV over mtv.com when I was in college.

  • mike
    01/21/2003 03:03:11 PM

    adam curry == bon jovi