Highlights of the weekend

  1. Seeing a woman strip to “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace
  2. Seeing a woman strip to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. Most inappropriate audio-visual combination ever.
  3. That super awesome nordic girl
  4. The Ars meet in Noblesville, which included:
  5. The drive down with Will
  6. Seeing Clint and Jacqui again. I miss you guys tons.
  7. Pot stickers
  8. Chrystena the Indy Indie Rock Queen
  9. Her hippie chick friend
  10. The Alley Cat
  11. The rum & coke that made my tongue numb
  12. Precisely-positioned pool shots
  13. Stumbling emo girls with glasses
  14. Blaring Skinny Puppy down 62nd street (FUCK YOU EMO KID)