I heart PostgreSQL

I didn’t see this until today, since it went out the PostgreSQL newsletter which goes to my work account, but I thought it was pretty funny for an April Fool’s gag:

PostgreSQL 10.0, now called PREGRES, was released today. Some new features include: […] - A new table type: PgISAM. Rather than using the cumbersome and complicated MVCC model, it simply acquires global database locks on read and write. “It took ten years to create a benchmark that would make this one look good,” said Peter Eisentraut, in explanation for the delay.


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  • ricardo Müller
    04/05/2007 09:22:22 AM

    This PostgreSQL newsletter is, until today, in th official site of PostgreSQL. How can it be, if it’s a April Fool’s gag?

  • Ed
    04/07/2007 02:05:15 PM

    I believe it was posted/sent out on April 1.