Inspekt 0.3 now available


I’ve uploaded the 0.3 release of Inspekt, the input filtering and validation library for PHP4 and 5. With this release, Inspekt completes the goals of the original specification for the OWASP SpoC007 project . I believe it is ready for “real-world” use.

Along with this release, there are new support and install options:

What’s new in this release:

  • Automated filtered via external config files
  • Cleanup and fixes to docblocks
  • More example code
  • A fruity logo

What’s in the future:

  • Interact with developers to get feedback and implement suggestions
  • Add new options for URI, email, phone # validators
  • Work with framework developers to integrate Inspekt with their platforms
  • Better support the special requirements of session data
  • Integration with PHP5’s filtering API when available
  • Integration with other filtering and escaping systems like PHPIDS and HTML Purifier

If you are interested in contributing to Inspekt in any way, I highly encourage you to join the mailing list. I’m especially looking for development assistance and “real-world” feedback.

  • Gareth Heyes
    01/21/2008 03:47:40 PM

    Hey dude what’s the deal? I joined the group, tried to post something and then I get kicked out?

  • Maarten
    01/21/2008 03:48:10 PM

    cool project, thanks for this, I’ll join the email list

  • funkatron
    01/21/2008 06:02:37 PM

    @Gareth: Wasn’t something I did. I’ll look into it.

    @Maarten: Thanks!!

  • Gareth Heyes
    01/21/2008 07:18:31 PM

    Thanks sorted now must have been Google groups playing up again.