Jason Kottke updates us on Micropatron funddrive

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Does anyone else just not get what the big deal is about Kottke? He made a cool tiny font once, but I’m not really clear what makes him so fascinating. Plus, his site is a fucking mess — a mishmash of links (occasionally with comments), interspersed with longer prose at seemingly random intervals.

I’m not saying this to knock the guy. He seems intelligent and thoughtful. But I don’t get what exactly he offers over, say, 10,000 other pretty smart dudes online, except perhaps the sheer amount of stuff on his site. Why are people paying him to do this?

  • Clint Ecker
    04/13/2005 11:04:18 PM

    Well it seems like an interesting idea, he seems like a pretty nice and smart guy. Not sure if I’d do it again, but I’ll have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming year.

    I think I read somewhere that since the drive started, he’s actually posted less often, which kind of makes me sad. There’s probably quite a few people I’d pay to stay home and blog all day, Kottke was just the first guy who had the connections to get the word out and rack up a pile of prizes to intice people.

    I got a $40 book out of the deal and while a neat book, I doubt I would’ve bought it off the shelf at a book store :) I can see how someone winning a year of flickr or something could really make it worthwhile to them.