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This is beautiful:

A running theme on Dennis Miller:

My son and I went to the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara to see the “Day After TOmorrow”. Who should proceed to fill up the entire row behind us but Dennis Miller and his 20 children, aged 6 or 7 to teen. They’re talking loudly and as the movie begins, they continue talking LOUDLY throughout the entire show. Also, his younger son had his feet on the back of my seat, kicking it the entire time. Considering I’m a single mom and it costs me at least 30-40 dollars everytime I take my kids to the show, maybe they should stay home and watch movies in their screening room.

i was in the gap shopping for my niece and nephews…in walks dennis miller with his hoard of children and i would assume his wife…he is arrogant, loud, and really ugly in real life…he and his out of control kids are looking through the merchandise and making a total unnecessary mess of everything…his wife had her head held so high she was looking down on everyone…i have to tell you he is a legend in santa barbara…there are probably hundreds of stories about him…how rude he is, how arrogant he is, how cheap he is…an all around jerk…you can contrast this with jeff bridges and his family (some of the nicest people you have ever met…i have a friend has taught two of his daughters and has ONLY nice things to say about jeff, his wife and children) and also with the late, beloved julia child…for every lousy store you hear about dennis miller, multiply that by 20 and that’s how many you will hear nice things about jeff bridges, his family and julia child…

This was pretty funny:

I have to tell you that I doubt the Richard Simmons story, I’ve had him on my flights numerous amounts of time and he is always very gracious with us and he actually helps do the beverage cart because he says he gets bored on the long flights. However, I can’t say the same about Kathie Lee Gifford. She is horrible (and this was before the Frank and flight attendant fiasco) Frank always looks embarrassed by her behavior maybe that’s why de decided to “make it up” to one of us. Again, a sister in the sky supports you.

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