Kottke completely misses the point

Theft or homage?:

Isn’t punk all about taking without permission? Or does that not apply when you don’t like the folks doing the taking? Lighten up, Discord.

Well, Kottke, when McDonalds (or whatever corporation you find particularly distasteful) makes a website called “hottke.org” where they blog about fine beef and potato products, you let me know how you feel.

Really, please, don’t talk about shit you don’t know. You clearly know nothing of Discord, and little of “punk” culture, so better to keep your mouth shut on such topics.

(Via kottke.org.)

  • PHiZ
    06/30/2005 12:35:26 AM

    You could make the argument that hip-hop with it’s sample-based culture is about appropriating on the sly. I don’t really see that in punk, although the two cultures do have more in common than one would first imagine.