LameBrain 0.4.2

The front-end that kicks ass and takes names is back:

  • New Feature: preview an input track by CTRL+clicking/right-clicking on the input file and selecting “Play File.” This works in the main window, batch encoder, and CD ripper.
  • New Feature: CD ripper generates a .m3u playlist file. Turn this on or off in Preferences.
  • Bug fix: App should no longer crash if the CD ripper is opened while a network drive is mounted
  • Encoding profile for tracks in batch queue can be changed by highlighting one or more tracks and picking a new profile in the Encoding Profile popup menu.
  • Stats window opens automatically upon encoding start. Turn this on or off in Preferences.
  • Log field in stats window now automatically scrolls to the end when a new entry is added
  • Most windows can now be closed with CMD+W

Get this bastard.

  • David
    02/20/2003 10:33:31 PM


    I’m having a blast with LameBrain. I see there is new version— 0.4.2, but when I download it opens as 0.4.1. I’d like to utilize the new features of 0.4.2. Help please? Thanks! Also, how do I encoded in alt-preset standard using the Ripper?



  • Ed Finkler
    02/21/2003 06:59:55 AM

    I just tried downloading again, and it is indeed 0.4.2. I have seen cases where my Chimera install will cache a downloaded file — perhaps it’s doing this here? Maybe try another browser, or clearing your cache.

    You can create new encoding profiles to use whatever settings you want. Just set stuff up as you like in the main window, and go to the “Profiles” tab, type in a name, and click “Save Profile.”