LameBrain 0.5.0 Now Available

LB, the BOOMSTICK of LAME front-ends, is now ready and waiting.

  • GUI change: Encoding Settings now have their own window, as does the Single File Encoder.
  • GUI change: New Control Bar window.
  • GUI change: Minor changes to menubar.
  • GUI change: New keyboard shortcuts for all windows (CMD+0…5). Using a keyboard shortcut now brings a currently open-window to the front.
  • Change: Single File Encoder and CD Ripper both get their encoding settings from the Encoding Settings window. This offers significantly more flexibility.
  • Help: Popup Help now available on all controls.
  • Docs: Documentation started (nowhere near finished). See the “docs” directory.
  • Preferences: User can now choose which windows are opened on startup.
  • Bug fix: Timeout on new version check on startup reduced to 7 seconds; limits startup delay if cannot connect to server.
  • Bug fix: Preferences are now only saved when “Save” is clicked.
  • Probably more minor stuff I can’t remember.

Come get some.

  • Eli Sarver
    03/03/2003 07:22:04 AM

    I did notice a slight bug in the LAME preferences section: If you load a pref file, then close the prefs pane, and then re-open it, it loses all your settings. The work-around is to leave this window up at all times.

    Great work on this app though! I love it to pieces. So much easier to use than using the iTunes->LAME script.

  • joy
    03/12/2003 07:10:09 AM

    Require encoder

  • Ed Finkler
    03/12/2003 07:11:49 AM

    Eli: This should be fixed in 0.5.1.

    joy: what?

  • jeff
    04/25/2004 07:19:59 PM

    eh, not much luck de-compressing the .bz2 or .gz formats.. kinda sucky. =]