LameBrain 0.5.1 (finally!)

It’s taken a while to get out, but LameBrain 0.5.1 is finally available. Goodies include:

  • New feature: “Expert” tab allowing manual entry of command-line parameters
  • New feature: Customizable naming schemes for ripped files
  • New feature: Preference to delete source files after encoding finishes
  • Fix: Encoding Settings window control states are saved when window is closed
  • More progress on docs (still not finished)
  • Some other stuff I forgot

Also, I’ve decided to start asking for donations for LameBrain. LB is still free, but a little bit of coin will help defray development costs (stuff like Coke and Jimmy John’s). If you’d like to donate, just click the button on the maIn page of my blog.

  • Eric
    03/08/2003 01:04:41 AM

    I just posted my comments on the MacUpdate site, where I gave LB 5 stars in every category possible. You’ve got a great app started here, and I hope it continues. I downloaded it on a whim about two weeks ago, but I’ve since begun using it for all my CD ripping.

    One concern: LB used to come with a handy help file, I think, which defined the encoding options and LAME terms (e.g., What is LAME? What does joint mean? What is VBR?), and I found it useful. Will that be included in future releases?

    Stable, feature-rich, versatile, customizable — all very nice. Though I’m not a big fan of Skeletor, I must admit.

  • Matthew
    03/24/2003 08:09:20 PM

    LAMEBrain is a nice app. Well done.

    Thought I would mention one quick bug, that should be easy to fix:

    While LAMEBrain properly prefaces encoded filenames with a 0 in front of the track number(to make them sort correctly in the finder), it forgets to add the 0 in front of the .m3u file listing, making all the playlists incorrect. Easy to fix on my end, as well, but I thought you would want to know.

  • Ed Finkler
    03/24/2003 08:38:31 PM

    Thanks for the catch Matthew. I’ll try to fix it for 0.5.2.