LameBrain 0.6.1 Now Available

LameBrain 0.6.1 screenshot

Some major bugs fixed, as well as some aesthetic changes. Here are the details:

  • Fixed bug with writing .m3u files during CD Ripping
  • Fixed issues with loading/saving profiles
  • Fixed issues with extended ascii chars in id3 tag info
  • Fixed bug where incorrect encoding settings were sometimes used
  • DVDs shouldn’t cause crashes (I hope)
  • Rewrote all code where duplicate volume names could cause problems
  • Restored “Eject” button on CD Ripper
  • CDs now use standard ID3v1.1 genres instead of FreeDB genres (FreeDB info is mapped to appropriate ID3 genres)
  • When a setting in the LAME Settings window is chosen, other settings that don’t work with it will be disabled
  • Changed default target directory for CD and Batch encoders to user’s Music directory
  • Double-clicking on a FreeDB result option now chooses that option
  • Preferences cleaned-up into and put into tab panel
  • Added pref to turn on/off help popups
  • Added pref to turn on/off LAME Settings control disabling
  • Added “fast standard” and “fast extreme” to alt-present menu
  • Dropped use of MP3info class totally in favor of id3ed
  • CD Ripper now fills in track number field of id3v1.1 tag
  • Added new Edit menu options for CD and Batch Encoder: Select All, Select None, Toggle Selected. Batch Encoder additionally gains Delete Selected and Delete All menu options
  • Some minor aesthetic changes to LAME Settings window
  • Added pretty row background colors
  • Fancier-looking toolbar buttons

Download now.

  • Seagreen
    06/29/2003 04:48:50 AM

    Something is wrong with the downloader…just get garbled text in the browser window.

  • Daveroonie
    07/06/2003 09:21:46 PM

    When I tried to download lamebrain I had the same problem as Seagreen - garbled text in browser rather than a download of the program. Please fix or guide me on how to use this.

  • Ed Finkler
    07/06/2003 11:22:05 PM

    Try right-clicking/ctrl-clicking and picking “save link as…”.