LameBrain discussion list

I’ve set up a mailing list for discussing LameBrain. Feature requests, bug reports, and general discussion of mp3 encoding on the Mac are all game. I’ll also make announcements of new versions on this list, including “private” beta and debug builds. To subscribe, just send a blank message to:

  • L Austin
    05/20/2003 01:32:01 PM

    Everytime I download the new version of LameBrain (.6?) it seems to DL all right but when I go to decompress it, it says its unable to finished because of an error and the image shows up(unstuffIt 7.0). I click on the image file to mount it and the finder quits. I’ve DL with every broweser I have including Interarchy 6.2.

    Lee Austin

  • Ken Gillett
    06/11/2003 08:21:19 AM

    Trying to rip a CD onto an nfs mounted network volume crashes out at the end of the each track. Actually Audion seems to have the same problem (different error though). However, iTunes works perfectly in this respect.

    Any idea.

  • Ken Gillett
    06/12/2003 04:00:01 AM

    In fact I wrongly assumed it was a network issue - it just did the same thing after ripping a track to a local folder, although the file seems to be complete. The actual error is:

    An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.

    However, since it is not a known problem I’ve done some more checking and found that Single File Ripping works either to local or network volume. So does this mean it’s a problem with dealing with the CD, or is it due to the fact that this method doesn’t entail writing ID3 tag info into the file?

    A couple of other quick questions:

    Should it save the LAME settings on exit? I have to choose ‘standard’ every time I start the app.

    Do the presets override everything - ALL other settings?

    Can it write ID3 V2 tags?

    Can it create Artist/Album folders when ripping an entire CD?

    These are relatively minor compared to the main issue of crashing after ripping a CD track, but help on all the above would be much appreciated.