LameBrain Source Code Release

LameBrain iconI’ve uploaded the source code for LameBrain, my LAME-based mp3 encoder for OS X.

It’s been (ugh) nearly 4 years since LameBrain was updated. It was an enjoyable project, but I simply lost interest: I didn’t use the program myself, moving to encoding most of my music with the iTunes AAC encoder. I also had pushed the app feature wise as far as I ever intended.

Still, people continue to search for and download LameBrain every day from this site. It evidently scratches an itch for some people, and that’s a source of pride for me. So I’d hate to just sit on the program and not give others an opportunity to run with it. I think there are some valuable bits in the horribly structured code I wrote back then, and maybe someone with more drive than me will build on what’s here.

Thanks to everyone who has used LameBrain, and especially to the folks who donated money for its development. It’s been a lot of fun.

Get LameBrain source code

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  • Rotten
    02/23/2007 02:50:26 PM

    Could you build universal binary?

    Please…i love lamebrain:)

  • Ed
    02/23/2007 06:59:19 PM

    I would love to, but RB5.5, which is the last version I have that will work with all the plugins it requires, will not compile universal binaries.

    If enough people demonstrated interest, I might consider working to remove the reliance on the MBS plugin, which is the major thing holding it back.

  • Henrik
    12/18/2007 05:11:09 PM

    Yeah, an universal binary would be neat.