Let’s make SXSWi 2009 suck less!

We Suck Less "VISI Hat Back"

Remember when you went to SXSWi last year, and you said “I love the parts where I meet cool people and eat free food and drink free booze and throw up, but I wish the presentations and panels weren’t so goddamn fluffy?” Me too. That’s why Alex Payne (aka “The Guy Who Has Actual Name Recognition”) and myself submitted the talk “Security for the Social Set.”

The idea is that we give some solid, useful information about the security problems social networking apps have to deal with, and how to deal with them. While we can’t get too focused on specific languages and frameworks, client-side defense with JavaScript will certainly be demonstrated, and I intend to show examples in PHP and probably a couple other platforms (coughRailscough). It will be hard to get into heavy detail within the alloted time, but it’s my hope that we can kickstart awareness and understanding of fundamental secure web app programming techniques.

Plus, I need a justification for dropping the coin for hotel and air fare on this boozefest, so please, vote for us.

Oh, and a few other meaty talks you should consider include:

  • Chance Garcia
    08/20/2008 08:37:41 AM

    I’d like to go and check this out but won’t be able to. The topic has my attention. Will this be live or available for download?

  • funkatron
    08/20/2008 09:03:30 AM

    At this point I don’t know if it will even get picked. If it does, though, I think they try to record all the panels and presentations, and we’ll at least provide slides.

  • Carolyn
    08/21/2008 12:42:43 AM

    Hey bro, you can stay with us. Free room and board!

  • wooden trunk
    11/03/2008 01:13:15 AM

    I couldn’t agree more. That’s just what I was thinking.