Let’s talk about the weather

Right now my Powerbook tells me it is 10 degrees fahrenheit [happy now chelle? 8)] outside. It’s also sunny, which means that if it was not sunny, it would be -700. I wouldn’t know either way, because I don’t go outside — it’s overrated.

Some people will say, “Ed, why a blog? What happened to your music stuff? Are you a sucker?” The answer to the latter should be obvious, but as for the first two:

  1. I’m a follower, not a leader
  2. I haven’t written music in a long time, and I’m not sure I will anytime soon. I spend my time programming now, and taking care of my son

Back to the weather. I live in Lafayette, IN, which some people seem to think is the South. Anyone from the actual South will laugh in your face when they see your “Hoosier by birth, Southern by the grace of God” license plate, but some people still insist. For their sake, here’s a helpful cheat sheet to determine if you’re in the south:

  • If you balls just froze to your boxers, you’re not in the south

I keep seeing Don Cheadle doing these NFL Playoffs commercials. Now I LOVE Don Cheadle. He rules. He’s one of my favorite actors ever. But Don (in case you’re reading), you’re not Sam Jackson. Sam will always be Jules. If you’re gonna do these things, you need to bring Rocket, the crazy Crip from Colors, or Mouse, the crazy guy in a suit from Devil in a Blue Dress, or Snoopy, the crazy prison inmate from Out of Sight. You do not want to bring Buck Swopes from Boogie Nights. Yes, Buck got laid all the time, but he was also a nerd, and Raiders fans will beat him up.