Love the Framework, not the Creator

(11:10:19) RailsMonkey: i need to finish porting these apps to rails so that i can put, “ported ecommerce apps that handle $20 MM annually to Rails” on the resume and then send it out
(11:10:33) me: neato
(11:10:36) me: you’ll be a hero
(11:10:50) RailsMonkey: that’s a decent sum of cash, no doubt
(11:11:39) me: David Heinemeier Hansson might give you a handjob
(11:11:56) RailsMonkey: dude! stop it. getting all warm and cuddly
(11:12:00) me: hahah
(11:12:10) me: you LOVE him
(11:12:20) RailsMonkey: if i had to like the people who invented the stuff that i used, i’d be fucked