.Mac: as usual, fucked up

I was tricked (and by tricked, I mean they waited until I updated my credit card info to buy some music from the iTMS, and then renewed my account immediately) into renewing my almost never used .Mac account. I kinda dug it when they were doing stuff like releasing free software to .Mac users, but lately the only cool stuff we got as members were bandwidth limitations. Poor.

Anyway, after I got the renewal notice, I decided to check up on whether or not anything mildly cool happened with .Mac lately. Coincidentally, I renewed exactly at the same time they upped the storage to 1GB, added the “Groups” features, and released Backup 3 (because who would need backup software if you didn’t have an iDisk?)

I actually haven’t tried either yet, because I don’t see much use for making a group only accessible to other .Mac users, and Backup 2 sucked so deeply and tightly that I throw up a little every time it’s mentioned. I don’t get why Apple didn’t just pay Dantz for a “lite” version of Retrospect , because as ass-backwards as the UI was the last time I tried it, it at least seemed to function.

Anyway, not surprisingly, reports on MacInTouch are that shit’s wonky with the .Mac groups. First off:

So somebody who creates a free .Mac ID and lets the .Mac trial expire can continue to participate fully in a .Mac group, but a paying user of an email-only account cannnot. Something is wrong with this picture.

Well, that’s not so much “wonky” as “par for the course.” Anyway, here’s some more dumb crap:

…my Dad saw the invitation, looked at the “sign up for a free .Mac trial” page it sent him to, and closed the browser. When we later figured out that this was the only way to join, and that it wouldn’t cost money (as we had initially thought), he started up Firefox, went to www.mac.com and created a trial account. Of course, this new account couldn’t join the group until I sent it an invitation. Whups! If you don’t create your new .Mac ID directly from the invitation email, it isn’t connected to the group.

Truly, the masters of user experience.

As for crap that’s broken in Backup 3:

I run Backup and select Restore and follow the appropriate prompts and insert the CD and the Restore job appears to run but it takes only about a third of a second and then declares it was “successful.” But there are no new files on the destination machine. I’ve tried restoring to the iTunes folder, and also restoring to an alternate location, same result. No error message, but nothing is restored, either.


I made a 10-disc CD backup of my iTunes library and tonight had to do a restore. The same thing happened to me as did to him: after following Backup’s procedure, it tells me I had a “successful” backup and nothings there.

Man, that is awesome. I feel better about my renewal already.

  • jperkins
    09/29/2005 09:34:20 AM

    I use .mac only for synchronizing between my iMac at work and the one at home. That’s it. And now it appears that there are issues with using the synchronization if you set it up to do it automagically…