Marry Me Mini

Griffin and I took our weekly trip to best buy on Saturday to do a little window shopping. One of the things that usually catches my eye is the single Mac Mini that they have sitting out amongst the laptops. I can’t really say that this would be an extremely useful purchase, but boy, it sure is tiny and cute!

I was even further tempted by the sign that was up:

All computers: 0% interest for 12 months

Well shit, that’s less than $50 a month for a Mini. Swank.

So I inquire about whether than deal covers the Mac Mini. See, Apple likes to not let dealers cut financing deals and such, because hey, that would sell too many Macs. Homeboy helper dude isn’t sure, so he goes and checks. Sure enough, no deal.

Oh well.

From this, I make a couple conclusions:

  • Best Buy doesn’t consider the Mac Mini a “computer”
  • Apple doesn’t want me to think of the Mac Mini as a commodity computer. Even though it is

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