Meh (Portland trip update)

Well, my talk proposal for OSCon was not accepted. On the positive side, Chris Schiflett said that all the votes I received were positive (which I think means that no one voted against my talk — I just didn’t get enough votes), and that even George Schlossnagle’s tutorial on PHP performance was shot down. Apparently the number of rooms is smaller this year (despite being in the Convention Center and not the hotel), so there will actually be fewer sessions, and only the super best proposals got accepted.

I’m bummed, because this would have been a nice feather in my cap, and would have made convincing work that this is a business trip a lot easier (they’ll pay for it as a business trip). But, all is not lost, and if I can get us more involved in the PHP security community, I think I can still make the case. We’ll see.

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