MySpace Sucks as a Social Tool

Marcys Whitney thinks MySpace Sucks as a Social Tool:

So, I think MySpace sucks.  It sucks because it has absolutely no technically social qualities outside of itself aside from RSS and email, both of which are very limited and poorly implemented.  Wordpress on the other hand is an example of the Internet as an operation system environment.  Do you think it sucks?  If so why, if not… I don’t think I care.

It is a great user generated content web destination however.   So kudos to them for at least succeeding there

It’s very insular, indeed, which is why I’ve pretty much given up on it. Plus the extremely obvious attempts to pump up ad view stats with crap like:

- Letting me view some of a person’s profile while not logged-in
- Forcing me to log-in when I want to view, say, pictures
- Not returning me to where I was before I logged in, but forcing me to AGAIN navigate back to the person’s profile.

Beyond lame.