New PHP Abstract Podcast on CodeIgniter

i can see my butt

Cal Evans just posted Episode 8 of the PHP Abstract podcast, which I contributed. This time I talk about CodeIgniter, which is my development framework of choice lately. I really like CI’s balance of convention and flexibility, which I think makes it more “PHP-like” than, say, Cake or Symfony.

  • Derek Allard
    06/28/2007 04:33:35 PM

    Ed! Very nicely done. You’re a natural, and the episode came across very professionally. Clean, easy to “get”. Well done sir.

    As a security guy, you may also be interested in some of the recent SVN submits as well.

  • funkatron
    06/28/2007 05:17:53 PM

    Thanks Derek! Is there an anon SVN checkout we can use (probably is, I just haven’t looked hard yet)?

  • Derek Allard
    06/28/2007 05:22:38 PM

    You bet. Instructions on the downloads page.

  • Sha
    07/16/2008 08:59:25 AM

    Sorry, I had to make the photo you linked to ‘friends only’ at the request of one of the girls.