New Spaz & Ars Article

Spaz IconIt’s been a while, but I’m back on the Spaz development bandwagon again. The newest release is 0.3.2, and it adds a few new things:

  • added new right-click/ctrl+click menus on messages.
  • changed double-click action: starts reply to user, unless double-clicking on a direct message, in which case it starts a dm.
  • Fixed/added direct message reading
  • Added “replies” support
  • Added “featured” support
  • Increased depth of message boxes to handle larger sizes
  • Switched to multiline output of statuses. All statuses should now be fully readable.
  • Removed rounded rects from Windows version because standard drawing funcs look horrible

Also, there’s a great article on Spaz at ArsTechnica, a site I’ve been reading for many, many years now. If you like it, consider Digg-ing the article and let more people know about Spaz.