New Spaz v0.3.3 available; future plans

spaz-icon-QS.pngMy little twitter client Spaz has a new release out, v0.3.3. This adds a 2-minute auto refresh of the currently displayed timeline, and fixes a high CPU usage bug. Unfortunately, this latter is also a bit of a regression, as the cause of the high CPU usage helped Spaz handle loading and painting userpics more quickly. Hopefully I can improve this in later releases.

Speaking of later releases, I’m giving serious consideration to rewriting Spaz using the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR, previously Apollo). There’s a great deal of appeal in utilizing web development and design skills to create desktop apps. Adobe’s Spry javascript framework has excellent data handling tools, beyond what most other JS frameworks offer: you can use arbitrary XML, JSON, or even HTML as a data source. Combining that with the Dreamweaver AIR extension and DW CS3 Spry integration, and there is some real power to rapidly develop RIAs without having to learn new tools and languages.

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