New PHPSecInfo build out (20061023; v0.1.1)

This version fixes the errant Notices we were getting, makes it easier to extract test data for your own nefarious purposes, and fixes a bug with the curl file protocol test on PHP4. The latter unfortunately just skips the test on PHP4 because I’m not sure how to do the check; suggestions are welcome.



What’s new: v0.1.1 - Added PhpSecInfo::getOutput(), PhpSecInfo::loadAndRun() and PhpSecInfo::getResultsAsArray() methods - Modified PhpSecInfo::runTests() to fix undefined offsent notices - Modified PhpSecInfo_Test::setMessageForResult() to fix undefined offset notices - Modified PhpSecInfo_Test_Curl_File_Support to skip if PHP version is < 5 (detection of file protocol support relies on PHP5 version of curl_version)