Nice statue….

Sometimes I wonder what the set design guy was thinking.

Original link:

  • zoe tati
    01/15/2007 03:51:47 AM

    hello a link I once put on my blog, is haunting me. “nice statue” the set design with black statue. somehow you have set my blog as original source ! and generated many hits on my blog, but allso made statistics useless, because not any of my visitors, thorugh you, are intrested in art ( but in whats in that link ), witch dissapoint boths sides - me and the visitors. Would you be so kind, to chance ( however you did it ) so my blog is not the source ! I can appriciate the fun in the picture, but now I’v seen the effect since oktober, of your linking, and prefer not to be attach to this anymore.

    bedst, zoe

  • zoe tati
    01/15/2007 03:55:17 AM

    ps this is the referral URL I get from sitemeter: NSFW_nice_statue.jpg

  • Ed
    01/15/2007 10:44:10 AM

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something I have control over. I never linked to your site, so there is nothing for me to change or “turn off”. I suspect that, if you linked to the picture in a post on your own site, search engines (maybe Google Image Search) are associating that picture with your blog. That’s the only way I can imagine the image itself becoming the referrer.

    I enjoyed your blog!

  • zoe tati
    01/15/2007 04:34:48 PM

    thanks for the respons; I just have 20 hits a day with the URL related to funkatron ! and it all happen after you posted the above in october !? so there is some connection, no !


  • Ed
    01/15/2007 05:39:10 PM

    Honestly, I have no idea. If I can sort out something to help, I’ll definitely do it, but right now I can’t see anything I can do on my end.

    I’m sorry!