Not going to OSCON this year

FFSC_Pouting-child.jpgI’m pretty bummed: I won’t be able to go to OSCON this year. I got the standard rejection letter for my talk proposal on PHPSecInfo. It’s kind of frustrating, not just because this means there’s no way I can go (I can’t afford to send myself, and it’s not in the work budget), but because there’s no feedback given at all. I understand why they don’t, but I wish I knew more about why I didn’t make the cut.


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  • terry chay
    04/05/2007 05:39:48 AM

    I got rejected also. While a reason wasn’t given, I know it was because it wasn’t a case study.

    Personally, I don’t care. The only reason I submit to OSCON is to see the non-PHP talks when I’m not working on my slide deck.

    Honestly, I could talk for hours about the issues we have keeping Tagged up and architecting it, but I suppose they just want another six talks on how to use HTML_QuickForm, PDO, or write your own extension. :-D

  • Carolyn
    04/07/2007 11:00:52 PM

    Austin said the child in the photo has a pow-pow. Sorry to hear you’re not going. Wish I could help.