Notes on ExpressionEngine 2.0 Preview at SXSW

ExpressionEngine 2.0 will be powered by CodeIgniter

  • CI gains abstracted querying
  • New CI libs like the DBForge built to support EE 2.0
  • EE Session library more powerful
  • EE Form gen and HTML gen
  • jQuery built into EE now

  • Basically, if EE needs something, CI gets new feature

  • Performance and simplicity still top priority

Changes coming in EE 2.0

  • new CP theme designed from scratch
  • CP uses MVC pattern (CP has always been decoupled from EE’s frontend stuff)
  • CP has nice DHTML stuff driven by jquery - sortable tables, dynamic search results/filtering, ajax paging (retains sorting settings), pretty animations
  • New CP is very task-oriented: Create, Modify, View are primary sections, all available from opening
  • Top Bar: Content, Design, Add-Ons, Members, Admin, Tools
  • Nice little footer tabs called Accessories. Default are Learning EE stuff, EE News and site stats
    • Accessories can be added much like modules or plugins
    • Accessory creation doesn’t require PHP knowledge (but it helps to do more awesome stuff)
  • Admin area no longer has Utilities
    • Content Admin and System Admin
  • Members have own section
  • Edit form shows nice dhtml tabs;
    • can create custom tabs from edit form
    • can add/edit custom fields from edit form
    • fields are resortable by dragging
    • full-page write mode for any field