Objective C blows

I like my Mac a lot. I use PCs all the time too, but I really enjoy my Mac more. I think it’s the combination of an elegant (although still flawed) GUI and UNIX guts. I think it also helps that it’s a laptop, so I can carry it around the house with me. My XP box in the back room doesn’t get used nearly as much, even though it has a fancy 19” LCD (a Samsung 191T — it totally rules).

Anyway, I decided to look into some GUI app dev on OS X. I had an idea, and tried implementing it in several different languages:

  • Applescript Studio: This actually worked pretty well. The language is SUPER verbose, but eventually I got my head around it. It’s really easy to build GUI apps with it. Problem is, the app was pretty unstable — it would just crash without any clear reason. This may have been improved in newer versions, but it was unusable at the time
  • Pure Java: I actually got a command-line version of my app going. That was great. But I got lost quickly with the Swing stuff. It didn’t help that all these layout frameworks and shit for Java just seem stupid. Who would lay out a GUI with something that makes your buttons fill all the available space?
  • Java->ObjC: Total disaster here. I never got this shit working.
  • ObjC: What the hell is this crap? I thought it was C, but the damn syntax looks like some kind of Little Orphan Annie Ovaltine code. A line of code should never start with a -.
  • RealBasic: You know, there are things I don’t like about RealBasic, but of all languages, this was by far the nicest to work with. The IDE is really smooth and nicely integrated (the autocomplete on user-defined properties and methods is great). Programming is fun again!

Oh yeah, I got the comments working. Looks like a silly bug with Hostrocket’s suexec wrapper.

  • Step3
    01/14/2003 11:14:02 PM

    They seem to be giving away JBuilder 7 for the Mac now.

    <a href=”http://www.borland.com”>http://www.borland.com</a>

  • Ed
    01/14/2003 11:20:41 PM

    I think that’s the personal edition I tried. I didn’t like the GUI layout tools. But I really don’t remember now. I probably was just confused and gave up. Programming is hard.

  • bcj.
    01/17/2003 12:33:00 PM

    How odd to hear “I like my Mac a lot” from the guy who mocked me for buying a Mac a couple years back. There’s always hope.

  • mojokitten
    06/11/2003 02:19:17 PM

    I’m also hosted by HostRocket, and need to figure how to run MT via suexec. Any advice/info you’ve got I’d be most grateful for - thanks!

  • Jake
    09/19/2003 12:17:32 AM

    Yo, just thought I would let you know that Objective-C is the most awesome programming language ever. C++ shall bow down to it’s power! It’s basically C meets SmallTalk, a beautiful combination.

  • JiMMy
    04/12/2004 01:08:53 PM

    Objective-C syntax is stupid! Both C# & Java, language have reasonably similar OOP constructs (interface, etc), but both chose C++ style syntax (overloading, a.method())! Why? If they had chosen Objective-C’s cumbersome syntax [[[obj alloc]init]do something], 99% of the developer woundn’t give it a second glance ;?)

    Features in C++ are there for a reason. How long before you run into a name collision in large projects without namespace especially when you are importing libraries from other sources? How many ways can you write the same sorting routine without using inefficient calls (void* & polymorphic object*) without overloading? C++ atleast addresses these problems… Objective-C does not. Its cumbersome syntax does nothing to facilitate the programmer’s readability except to facilitate the compiler’s parser. In short, chose a language that lets machine do all the work & not chose a language that helps machine to the work. Wish MacOSX chose these language in following order: C++ -> C# -> Java -> Obj-C. Hell even javascript syntax is more palatable than Obj-C.